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Let's Work Together

The answers you seek are already within you!


The trouble is that there is often too much in the way for us to access them easily ourselves. 

That's why people turn to Coaching.

You & I will create a partnership in which I will hold a container of support and

  • guide you to find clarity

  • explore the answers that lie within you

  • integrate any past pains & hardships that are keeping you "stuck"

  • provide action steps & keep you accountable and forward-moving

This is all done through safe tools & techniques proven to get results.

I use a unique combination of findings from psychology & neuroscience with ancient eastern holistic tools, such as

  • meditation/guided relaxation

  • 5 senses & felt sense  

  • visualization

  • somatic movement & sound

  • embodiment

  • inner child/shadow work

  • breathwork

  • chakra balancing


sometimes paired with simple drama/theatre techniques that often work with

  • self awareness

  • trust

  • self confidence

  • focus & concentration

  • identity

  • emotion

  • play


These deep but gentle tools are designed to shift your energy system and awaken the natural state of flow within you.


By tuning in, listening to your body, and diving deep into your awareness, you can allow yourself to come into alignment, create healthy new patterns in your system, and take action towards having the life & love you desire and deserve.

I am dedicated to holding you and your desires with a container of love, respect, patience, understanding & compassion.


Every technique I use is one that I have done myself and have had great success with.

Isn't it time you chose yourself?

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