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Guided Relaxation

Take time to unwind, invite in bliss & get through your week in a relaxed physical & mental state.

Ideal if you experience:
- Stress
- Overwhelm

- Poor Sleep
- Negative Thoughts/Habits/Self Talk
- Tension
- Anxiety
- Overactive Mind
- Distraction
- Perceived Isolation/Loneliness
- Impulsiveness
- Feeling Stuck
OR if you just wish to invite guided relaxation practices into your life & simply slow down.


Meditation is a tool that I have personally used for both relaxation and health. I cannot begin to tell you how it has changed my own life for the better.

That is why I not only use this tool in my coaching techniques but I have also created easy-access weekly online Guided Relaxation Classes designed for EVERYONE!


Past classes have included

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Tense & Release)

Traditional Yoga Nidra

Relaxation for Chronic Pain

Chakra & Energy Work

Breathing Techniques for Anxiety

Deep Relaxation for Stress Relief

Breaking Bad Habits

Focus to Eliminate Distractions

Visualization Classes

and more

It's easy to attend. Simply click on the Button below to see the line-up and then choose an individual class or a Monthly Membership (which will save you $).

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