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Break Free

From What Holds You Back!

Many of us carry deep-rooted pain within as a result of feeling betrayed, lied to, or deceived at some point in our lives.

These hurts can be in relation to

  • a parent/family member

  • a friend

  • a romantic partner

  • a boss/coworker

  • society

  • ourselves

And sometimes we have experiences, whether real or perceived, that stay with us so long and affect our nervous systems so deeply that we get stuck in a never-ending pattern that does not serve who we truly are or holds us back from where we want to go in life.

They can bring about thoughts or feelings of

  • self-blame/sabotage

  • low self esteem/self worth

  • playing the victim

  • distrust

  • regret/shame

  • revenge-seeking

  • anger/misery

       And they can prevent us from 

  • trusting ourselves and/or others

  • taking risks

  • making healthy decisions

  • creating boundaries

  • finding healthy relationships

  • asking for what we truly desire in life, love or work

These are unconscious responses our bodies develop over time to protect us.

But it's likely that you've realized...this is just not working for you anymore!

You are ready to experience something different...something better!

It's time to heal, integrate & move beyond that which is holding you back. 

It's time to try coaching!

Beyond Betrayal: Welcome
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