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You Deserve More

Yes! You Deserve

to honour your truth and live from a place of peace, love & happiness


​Let's celebrate that you are here...

With a desire to take steps to move forward,

To get unstuck, to feel more confident,

To align yourself with what feels true deep inside,

To claim power & freedom in everything you do.

Take a deep breath. Can you feel that?

The sensation telling you it's time for a shift?


Though you may be unsure...

Though there may be something holding you back,

You can open up to change, no matter how big or small.

You can work towards your goals.

It's time to come into alignment & have everything your heart desires.


I'm here to gently guide & support you on that journey.

Transform Your Life

With A Desire-Based Coaching System
Designed to Reclaim Your Life

It's common to feel lost, stuck or at a crossroads.

It can happen in relationships, with work or with life in general. 

And when we feel this way we often focus

on the past, on what we think is wrong

or on what’s holding us back.

We can get caught up in emotions, circumstances or people

who keep us from moving forward in a healthy way.

We wish things were different than how they actually are

& that doesn't feel good at all.

We want to be able to trust again...both in ourselves & in others.

We want to be HAPPY!

But we're not sure how to get there on our own.

It's OK to feel this way.

It can be overwhelming.


I know...because I've been there too and

I completely understand.

I'm dedicated to supporting you in your healing journey,

to guide you to unlock the key to what is holding you back,

to find your deepest truths

& take the steps to move you forward in life, love & work.

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Christie Parry HBA, BEd, CMT

is a certified trauma-informed Experiential VITA™ Coach
& Meditation Teacher,
dynamic award-winning educator & drama/theatre professional.

She combines her professional training, background & 25+ years of experience
with her intuition & passion to
- hold space & coach individuals in1-on-1 personalized Zoom sessions
- lead virtual Inner Child Playground & Guided Relaxation classes
- create & facilitate transformational courses
- host workshops on a variety of topics
- present at retreats, conferences, summits & podcasts


  • Individualized Coaching on a Deep, Personal Level

    FREE Consultation
  • Relax, Meditate & Unwind: Individual Classes Streaming Live on Zoom.

    12 Canadian dollars

“Our pathway is proceeding and the way is always changing
We are free from what prevents us to realize our destination”


Lyrics by Yaima

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